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288                                    TALLlBH/CHJ&tYA THS0L0OT.

God will be affected towards us in the same way, and conciliation wil then be
impossible.   When to this it is added that the Gossan obtains Ms position solely
by birth, and that no defect, moral or intellectual^ can impair Ms hereditary
claim to the adoration of Ms foliowers3 who are exhorted to close iiheir eyes and
ears to anything that tends to his discredit,* it is obvious ihat a door is opened
to scandal of a most intolerable description.    By the act of dedication, a man
submits to the pleasure of the Gosaliij as God's representative^ not only the
first fruits of his wealth, but also the virginity of his daughter or Ms newly-
wedded wife ; while the doctrine of the Brahma Sambandh, is explained to
mean that such adulterous connection is the same as ecstatic union with ihe
Ood5 and the most meritorious act of devotion that can be performed.   This
glorification of immorality forms the only point in a • large proportion of ihe
stories in the Chanrasi Yarta, or £ Accounts of VaMbhach&rya's 84 great pro-
selytes.9   One of the most extravagant will be found given in fall at the end of
iMs chapter.   The work commences with reference to the Bevelatioii of the
SiddMnta Hahasya^ preceded by a brief colloquy between the Deity and the
Gro8ai% of which ih© following words are the most important : —

TWt Wt              ^t                          ftl %T               %1

$T jjflt             1! §1              ^ %T §3 %[

pi  ?w               ^m sit %i HH          itf

4*3                   It                   mi

Sli *m                     ^               i

.— Yon know the mature of life : that it is foil of defects ; bow
c«a there be nmion between it and yon ?

" Krishna. — Ym will effect the union of the divinity with living crea-
tnresj and I will accept them. Yon wil give yoor name to them, and all their
sins shall be put away.**

Professor Wilson interprets this as merely the declaration of a philosophi-
cal dogma, that life and spirit axe identical ; but (it can scarcely be doubted)
the passage means rather that human life can only be purified by bringing it
into intimate coanectioa with Godj or ia default of God, with God's repre-
semtatrre, the €bsalm«

TM» It coniMerai so ementl&t t, duty , thai i& $iis Ihm 3wm% 01 T4:abhleM.iTa
< See no teHip"          m Hie Tenth C^amaada^l,